Introducing AirDrain: your landscaping drainage solution

Purchase Green recently added something special to our product line-up: AirDrain!

If you don’t already know, AirDrain is a subsurface landscaping drainage solution that works to collect and redirect water as it drains under the artificial grass. It has a 1-inch depth and a 92% air void!

That depth and air void allow air to circulate and water to pass through rapidly, which can be a contributor to helping keep turf cooler, preventing bacteria and odor buildup, as well as reinforce injury prevention by improving HIC and Gmax ratings. 

Specifically, AirDrain can hold a half-gallon of water per square foot until it can evacuate to the exit drains, it only needs a .25% slope for effective drainage, and it drains at a rate of 171 inches per hour. That’s some quick drainage.

“So, AirDrain can drain pretty fast. Okay? When am I gonna use it?”

Great question!

AirDrain’s drainage performance is most meaningful for rooftop and pet applications. Since rooftops are nonpermeable surfaces, they need that water to flow off of and away from the building. Pet areas or dog kennels also need continuous movement to prevent substantial odor and bacteria buildup from pet waste. 

Besides rooftops and pet applications, installations over hardscape might need some added drainage help. Even installations over an aggregate base like decomposed granite might benefit from an added drainage solution. If you’re unsure whether or not your landscaping project needs AirDrain, our expert team could definitely help you figure it out.

In addition to being a rockin’ drainage system, AirDrain also supports greater shock attenuation. For sport and playground applications, AirDrain achieves an 18.9% improvement for applications over a gravel subbase, and a 14.7% improvement for applications over a concrete subbase, using the ASTM F355 test method and safety requirements. That means decreasing the risk of injury and making those sport fields and playgrounds a little safer.

Another super cool thing about AirDrain is its durability. It can be reused multiple times and can withstand extreme heat and cold. For installation, AirDrain comes in 32″x32″x1″ sheets that weigh 3lbs each, making them easy to move around the project site.

For more info about AirDrain, check out the video below! And let us know if we can answer any questions you have. You can click that live chat bar on the side of the screen to talk to a real Purchase Green artificial grass expert, or contact us here. We’re always happy, helpful, and happy to help!

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Posted on December 19, 2020