You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that here at Purchase Green we get asked about how to install artificial grass kind of a lot. What we’re finding is that while the idea of an artificial grass lawn is still relatively new to some, more homeowners and contractors are becoming familiar with the basic concepts of synthetic turf and how to install it. That’s exciting for us because educating customers is our priority at Purchase Green. And once you know the basics, you can then move onto the accessories that will help you get the most from your artificial grass lawn.


The best way to go about getting the right artificial turf for your specific needs is to first identify your application. For example, will you be creating a residential landscape, a putting green or an area for pets?

Once you’ve got the application identified, the next step is to estimate your expected level of foot traffic.

Step three is to choose the artificial grass blade profiles most appealing to you – things like finish, texture, color and yarn type.

The final step is choosing the right accessories for your soon-to-be-amazing synthetic turf project.

Accessories? What Accessories?

You might be wondering what kind of accessories there could possibly be for artificial grass. Does Purchase Green sell bling from artificial grass? No…at least, not yet. What we mean when we’re talking about accessories are things like our turf cleaner, shock pads, nails, bend-a-board and infill.

Like we mentioned, helping educate our customers is our goal at Purchase Green. You’ll notice we don’t have salespeople. Rather, we have artificial grass experts whose priority is to help you choose the right grass to meet your needs. Installing artificial grass the right way, the Purchase Green way, involves the use of several accessories.

Infill is the most important accessory to consider. It just so happens we have lots of information available explaining why that is. Other accessories are important too. Say your project is a playground – then in addition to infill you need to consider shock pads. Guess what, we’ve got information about shock pads for you too.

Whether we’re installing for you or you’re going the DIY route, the premium installation method calls for another important accessory – landscape bend-a-board. If you’re unfamiliar with bend-a-board, you’re in luck, because we have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Ultimately, the point of our line of accessories is not to sell you things you don’t need – rather it’s to make sure we have available all the things you do need to get the most out of your artificial grass project. We want to help you not only get the right grass but we also want to make sure it gets installed correctly the first time, especially if you decide to do it yourself (for which, by the way, we have this awesome, free e-book)!

With the right accessories, your Purchase Green grass will look and perform beautifully for many years to come.

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