Maintaining an artificial turf lawn can be a breeze compared to the hours of maintenance and resources that a traditional lawn requires. But it’s imperative that consumers realize that some maintenance is still necessary, specifically to prevent odor build-up on your artificial grass. Turf Bomb is Purchase Green‘s solution to this common issue. Dog owners may be especially concerned with odor build-up on their synthetic turf and parents may find harmful bacteria build-up to possess a threat to their children’s welfare. Turf Bomb is a specialized enzymatic cleaner and deodorizer that will meet all your cleaning needs. This article outlines all you need to know about Turf Bomb and the incredible benefits it offers. 

What is Turf Bomb? 

Purchase Green Turf Bomb is an enzymatic cleaner and deodorizer that eliminates odor and kills unhealthy bacteria. This non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic turf cleaner helps manage unhealthy bacteria build up, keeps artificial grass smelling great, and maintains the pristine look of your artificial grass investment.

How does Turf Bomb Work?

Turf Bomb utilizes nature’s own process of bacteria degrading organic waste. These unique strains of bacteria consume harmful microorganisms and other materials by producing enzymes that break down molecules.  The final byproduct of this waste management system is water and carbon dioxide.  

Purchase Green’s Turf Bomb is effective because the bacteria in the solution can encapsulate themselves in a hard shell and hibernate until the organic waste is made available again.  These hardworking bacteria – also commonly found in waste containment or treatment systems – can even endure the most severe environments.  

Overall, Turf Bomb utilizes non-pathogenic bacteria, often classified as healthy or good bacteria, to keep artificial grass clean and fresh for the whole family. 

How often should I use Turf Bomb? 

It is recommended to use Turf Bomb at least once every two weeks. Depending on the size of your yard or the amount of traffic your artificial grass receives, you may consider using Turf Bomb more frequently. Additionally, pet owners can opt-in to spray targeted areas where pets have urinated to combat odor, instead of spraying down the entire yard.

Is Turf Bomb Safe? 

Turf Bomb is safe for humans and pets. In addition, Turf bomb is safe for the environment and aquatic life, making it a valuable alternative to harsh detergents and chemical cleaners. Moreover, the facility that manufactures Turf Bomb has been registered to ISO 9001 2000 standards, meaning that stringent controls and thorough tests result in products that are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Finished products are tested according to USDA, NSF, and AOAC standards; ensuring they are free of salmonella, shigella, and gram negatives. You can rest assured that our product will keep you and your loved ones safe, while effectively cleaning your artificial grass.

What is so Special About Purchase Green Turf Bomb 

No GMOs 

Purchase Green Turf Bomb is formulated with naturally occurring bacteria. No genetically modified organisms are present in the solution. This bio-enzymatic cleaning solution has showcased proven results and is specifically formulated for artificial grass.  

A True “Green Product” 

Turf Bomb is a microbial cleaner that only produces a light residue of water and carbon dioxide. This fact makes it safe for wildlife and humans. Moreover, the bacteria present in Turf Bomb will outcompete harmful bacteria leaving your artificial grass free of harmful bacteria.  

No Detergents 

Our Turf Bomb solution contains no detergents. Purchase Green chose to avoid detergents because they can generate slippery surfaces on artificial grass. Detergents produce this slippery surface by creating chemical bonds with dirt and grease. These bonds are then sealed into the artificial grass increasing the odds of slipping. Moreover, detergents are not the most effective means of penetrating the layers of residual grime and grease that can accumulate on artificial turf. Additionally, many detergents contain phosphates and some problematic surfactants that have been known to have harmful effects on the environment. Our enzymatic cleaner is tough on messes and easy on the environment.

Pest Deterrent Benefits 

Turf Bomb helps deter insects and other pests by removing organic waste. Pests thrive off organic waste and use them as a source of food. By eliminating their food sources, pests struggle to repopulate.  

Easy to Use 

Our Turf Bomb product comes with a complimentary hose sprayer that mixes at a ratio of 35 to 1. Freshen up your artificial lawn with a thorough rinse and you are all set.  

Final Thoughts 

Overall, using Purchase Green Turf Bomb is an exceptional solution to maintain a fresh and clean artificial lawn. Find out more about how you can beautify your landscape with artificial turf today at: