Purchase Green offers artificial grasses at a variety of different price points so that you can find the right grass for your lifestyle at the right price. Below you’ll find a list of our more budget-friendly grasses.

Our proprietary Purchase Green line is the best value on the market and is designed for the residential homeowner looking for an excellent looking, durable artificial grass solution that also is gentle on the wallet!

The PG40 and PG56 grasses are an excellent choice for those light traffic areas that are difficult to maintain and offer the ideal balance between aesthetics and price.

  • PG 40 – starting at $1.75 / sq. ft.
  • PG56 – starting at $1.99 / sq. ft.

The PG70 is one of the best values on the market and is designed for the residential homeowner looking for a beautiful, plush, artificial grass solution and for the commercial landowner looking for a light to medium traffic solution.

  • PG70 – starting at $2.39 / sq. ft.

Nature’s Sod

is a lush, beautiful artificial lawn product with a realistic look. It is incredibly soft to the touch and is a tremendous value product – the ideal balance of realism, fullness, and price.

The Southwestern Sod line of grass is designed to mimic natural grasses in the southwestern states. It is a 52 oz. face weight artificial turf designed for light traffic that would be an excellent value choice for your front or back yard.

Spring Rye

This grass comes with an all GREEN thatch. It is a 51 oz. face weight grass that’s perfect for light traffic grass – an excellent value choice for any yard, front OR back, and around a pool area to give it that real-turf look!

And if you’re interested in learning more about how to install artificial grass yourself, be sure to download the free DIY Easy Install Guide which covers the entire process in detail, step-by-step.

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