10 Stunning Artificial Grass Lawns

Nature's Sod Premier 1Here at Purchase Green it should come as no surprise that we love transforming people’s yards. We’re big fans of our grasses and sometimes we just like to show off a little.

With Summer just around the corner, business is heating up and we’ve been installing some truly stunning artificial grass lawns. Take a look at 10 recent projects using a variety of our artificial grasses.


Nature's Sod Premier 1
This stunning artificial grass lawn was created using Nature’s Sod Premier.


Nature's Sod 90
A super clean, tropical look was created with our Nature’s Sod 90.


Southwestern Sod
Always popular, our Southwestern Sod is a great choice for any lawn.


Vista Natural 65
Vista Natural 65 with Cool Yarn keeps your lawn looking beautifully manicured.


PG 56
PG 56 is a more budget-friendly choice that still looks incredible.


Spring Rye Pro
The green-on-green palette of Spring Rye Pro has made it a customer favorite.


Eco Olive 60
Eco Olive 60 not only looks stunning, it also features our Cool Yarn technology.


PG 40
Our most affordable grass, PG 40, is responsible for this breathtaking yard.


vista natural 80
Vista Natural 80 with Cool Yarn looks so incredibly real you may forget it’s artificial.


Southwestern Sod 2
We call it Southwestern Sod because it’s so at home in the Southwest, as demonstrated here.

Take a peek at the installation process with this DIY Easy Install Guide to get an idea of what you can expect.
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Posted on May 20, 2016