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Putting Accessories

Outdoor Putting Green Accessories

We’ve all been there before, that moment of envy when we see pictures of how some industrious homeowner found a way to make their backyard even more awesome. From backyard putting greens to personal driving ranges, incorporating your favorite hobby into your backyard setup is every golfer’s dream, but for most of us, that dream may seem prohibitively expensive.

While installing a full 18-hole course on your property may be the epitome of impracticality (and if that’s your dream then we can’t help you there, sorry), practicing your game from the comforts of your own backyard is much simpler, and more affordable, than you probably originally thought.

Purchase Green Premier Putting Greens are the first PE (Polyethylene) putting greens on the market. In addition to learning about our putting green grasses and how to install putting greens, we also carry an array of accessories.

Putting Green Cups
Available in plastic, aluminum and with lights

Putting Green Flags
Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Red/Blue Checkered and Yellow/Green Checkered

Putting Green Flag Poles
Available with ferrule base, ball retriever base, and red plastic flag

Putting Green Cup Covers
Available in green

Chipping & Driving Mats
Gold Edition and Platinum Edition

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