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Using Bend-A-Board for your artificial grass installation is optional but recommended.

The Bend-A-Board to be used here is distinct from a landscaping Bend-A-Board or a Wonder Edge product that are used mostly for aesthetic purposes. The sub-grade Bend-A-Board in artificial grass serves a structural purpose – as a nail board along the perimeter of your project to provide a more robust installation.

The use of a sub-grade, composite Bend-A-Board enables you to secure the artificial grass using a pneumatic staple gun rather than putting nails through the artificial turf into your sub-base. The Bend-A-Board is secured in place with 12-inch composite redwood stakes set approximately every three feet.

The composite stakes are screwed into the Bend-A-Board. This holds the Bend-A-Board in place and at the proper elevation. The top of your Bend-A-Board should be even with the top of your sub-base.

When installing the Bend-A-Board, leave a half inch gap between the Bend-A-Board and any constructed restraints (sidewalks, patios, walkways, etc.).

In addition, we recommend that the top of your Bend-A-Board and the top of your sub-base should be about a half-inch below any adjacent sidewalks, patios, and walkways. You want to maximize the amount of pile height that is above adjacent flat work for the most realistic appearance.

Adding the Bend-A-Board step in the installation process usually adds about $0.30 per square foot to the total job cost.

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