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Nature’s Sod Family

At Purchase Green we invest a lot of resources into designing our grasses. We know every customer has specific needs when it comes to artificial grass, so we take care to craft each family of grasses with unique design and function characteristics. Over the years we’ve found customers prefer a wide variety of features in their artificial grass. That’s part of the reason we carry such a massive variety. We truly do have something for everyone.

Nature’s Sod is the standard-bearer of the Nature’s Sod line. This base version of the Nature’s Sod line is produced with the S-shaped fiber. The S-shaped fiber is known for great performance, almost zero shine, it’s uniquely natural, warm and soft texture. It’s such a natural, healthy looking grass you may not even know it’s artificial.

Nature’s Sod 60 Artificial Lawn Grass is a lush, beautiful artificial grass lawn product. It is an olive bi-color grass with an olive green and brown thatch to provide the most realistic look for artificial grass for lawns.

Nature’s Sod 90 is one of the finest artificial grass products you’ll find. Soft with a warm emerald green color, this is a southwestern-style grass with brown thatch that provides unrivaled realism. It’s a truly superlative grass that can handle any volume of traffic.

Nature’s Sod Plush is an extremely popular grass thanks to its thick, full look and super-soft feel. It’s a beautiful grass that compliments a variety of siding styles like Spanish stucco, light colored stone, or even brick.

Nature’s Sod PLATINUM is our premium grade landscaping product for the Nature’s Sod line of grasses. It uses the latest technology in yarn extrusion. The S shaped blade is designed to provide better “memory” so the fibers are more resistant to matting.

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