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Fescue Family

At Purchase Green we invest a lot of resources into designing our grasses. We know every customer has specific needs when it comes to artificial grass, so we take care to craft each family of grasses with unique design and function characteristics. Over the years we’ve found customers prefer a wide variety of features in their artificial grass. That’s part of the reason we carry such a massive variety. We truly do have something for everyone.

One of our newest family of grasses is the Spring Fescue Family. We introduced it in 2016 and it is awesome! What makes it so great?

A recent addition to the Fescue family is our Fescue Supreme! It is one of the tallest, lushest and most durable artificial grass products on the market today. It uses the latest technology in yarn extrusion to produce a very natural looking olive bi-color grass with an olive green and brown thatch.

And in 2018 we welcomed two more Fescue family members – Spring Fescue Premier and Spring Fescue Pet Pro! These grasses combine the best of all components; delivering industry leading tuft bind, drainage rates, fiber durabilty and temperature performance. They both use a C8 copolymer PE fiber – the highest grade fiber delivering superior durability. Both also feature PG Cool Yarn technology offering improved temperature performance. And both are produced with a fully permeable backing system, are fully recyclable, and are among the only grasses on the market that comes with Purchase Green’s 360 rating.

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