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Bluegrass Family

At Purchase Green we invest a lot of resources into designing our grasses. We know every customer has specific needs when it comes to artificial grass, so we take care to craft each family of grasses with unique design and function characteristics. Over the years we’ve found customers prefer a wide variety of features in their artificial grass. That’s part of the reason we carry such a massive variety. We truly do have something for everyone.

The Bluegrass Family is all about keeping it real. In addition to being some of the tallest, lushest and most durable artificial grass products around, the Bluegrass family looks real, feels real and performs just like the real thing.

In 2018 we introduced the first two members of the Bluegrass Family – Bluegrass Supreme and Bluegrass Light. Both feature the fantastic C-shaped blade, which is perfect for balancing texture and performance. Bluegrass Supreme is a super tall 2.4″ and comes in at a very healthy 108 oz face weight. It offers exceptional memory to combat matting and there’s minimal shine. Bluegrass Light is the little brother – all the same features just at a smaller scale (and price too).

No matter which Bluegrass you end up choosing, you’re in for a real treat because these grasses are the real deal.

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