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Common Myths

Artificial grass contains dangerous chemicals.

False. All Purchase Green grasses and products are tested right here in the United States. They are lead-safe, non-toxic and low maintenance.

All artificial grass is basically the same.

False. Purchase Green is the only brand that uses a triple-layer primary backing (so the tuft bind is very strong), and 32 ounces of secondary latex backing. We offer our customers a wide range of affordable, premium-quality synthetic grasses suited for every need. Purchase Green uses the newest and best technologies available for enhanced memory, look and feel.

Artificial grass is expensive.

Nope. Because of our size and experience, we’re able to offer a wide range of affordable, premium-quality synthetic grasses suited for every need. We maintain efficiently run satellite branches, have low overhead costs and keep massive in-stock inventories, which translates into exceptional savings for our customers. In addition, the cost savings associated with a synthetic lawn installation nearly immediately begin offsetting your investment and within three years will have covered the complete cost of your investment.

People with pets shouldn’t use artificial grass.

Not true. All of our grasses and products are environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly and safe for both pets and people.

If your pets will be using the restroom on the grass, you simply need to incorporate a pet system to appropriate drainage during the initial installation of your grass. Click here for a complete explanation of our artificial grass pet system.

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