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PET Backing

There are many things that set Purchase Green apart from other artificial grass companies. Our exceptional products and prices, as well as top-notch customer service, are readily apparent when you visit our stores. Another thing we’re really proud of is that we’re able to offer our customers a Lifetime Warranty.

Why are we able to do that? Well, a big reason is our backing systems. The backing system is what gives our grasses their amazing strength. The durability, performance and even the lifespan of our grass begins with the backing system.

The fully permeable PET (PolyLock, Encore & Total Surface Drainage) backing system is a combination of the best new technologies in the artificial grass industry. On their own, each of these features would be pretty awesome but we thought it would be even awesomer to combine all three into one amazing new backing system.The first feature is our PolyLock Technology. This is a new, single component backing that delivers proprietary and unique tuft bind technology with the least amount of degradation over the life of the product.

The second feature is one of which we’re really proud. We call it Encore because these grasses are 100% recyclable polyethylene. While most other artificial grass is technically recyclable, it can prove a difficult proposition to break grass down into its individually recyclable components. Our PET backings don’t have this drawback. Instead, they are able to be recycled into useful products like composite decking.

The third feature is our Total Surface Drainage. Most artificial grasses feature drainage holes punched into the backing. But with the PET backing system, because this secondary backing is attached to the primary backing in a proprietary way, it is fully permeable. You can watch the video below to see the permeable backing in action.

And there you have it – the PET backing system. It is the most modern, most technologically advanced and the most environmentally friendly backing system available and it’s only available at Purchase Green.

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