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Putting Greens

For an avid golfer, there’s nothing better than being out on a golf range practicing (well besides maybe playing a round). After all, where else can someone enjoy the great outdoors, socialize with friends, see a variety of wildlife, and revel in a well-played golf shot all at the same time?

But, like any sport, getting good at golf requires a lot of training. For those who’ve always dreamed of having their own personal putting green, or simply don’t have three or four hours a day to devote to going to a driving range or a lot of money to spend on green fees, installing a backyard putting green can be a cost-effective and convenient solution.

Artificial Putting Greens

We’ve all been there before, that moment of envy when we see pictures of how some industrious homeowner found a way to make their backyard even more awesome. From backyard putting greens to personal driving ranges, incorporating your favorite hobby into your backyard setup is every golfer’s dream, but for most of us, that dream may seem prohibitively expensive.

While installing a full 18-hole course on your property may be the epitome of impracticality (and if that’s your dream then we can’t help you there, sorry), practicing your game from the comforts of your own backyard is much simpler, and more affordable, than you probably originally thought.

Purchase Green Premier Putting Greens are the first texturized PE (Polyethylene) putting greens on the market. Here is a selection of our putting green grasses:

Putting Green Grasses

15′ Wide Dark Olive Putting Green

These are beautiful dark olive putting greens. These grasses are an amazing 58 oz. face weight and 102 oz. total weight, so you get the performance of nylon with the durability, color resistance, and price of PE. Designed for golfers of all stages who want their practice green to perform like the real thing.

15′ Wide Emerald Putting Green

These are beautiful emerald color putting greens with an amazing 60 oz. face weight and 97 oz. total weight. You get the performance of nylon with the durability, color resistance, and price of PE! Designed for golfers of all stages who want their practice green to perform like the real thing!

Other Considerations

STIMP Rating

What is a STIMP rating? Why, it’s the result you get using a Stimpmeter, of course! Okay, so what’s a Stimpmeter? A Stimpmeter is a basically a metal ramp used to measure how far a golf ball will roll on a putting surface. Invented by Edward Stimpson, the Stimpmeter is used to determine a green’s STIMP rating. If a ball rolls 10 feet using a Stimpmeter, the green is said to have a STIMP rating of 10. Pretty simple. You can learn more about Stimpmeters and STIMP ratings by clicking here.

Backing Systems

Like our landscape grasses, Purchase Green’s artificial putting greens feature our industry-best backing system – a triple-layer, 8 oz. primary backing and a 32 oz. latex secondary backing.

Driving Range Mats

Driving range mats are great compliments to a backyard putting green. If you’re so inclined, we also offer our T-Line Grass, which is designed for the serious golfer (or the golfer that wants people to think he/she is serious!). The 1.6-inch, texturized polypropylene product can hold a standard golf tee (no more rubber tees!) – so you get the reaction and impact you would expect on a golf course! It is designed to be used at the driving range on a golf course or as a driving mat in your back yard (into your driving net of course.)

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