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Vista 65 is the mid-traffic grass for homeowners that want an amazing, lime-green grass year-round. The Vista Family features a thick V-shape that’s known for its incredible performance and makes this one the best performing yarns available. While it lacks in softness, it’s a no-shine grass that always looks beautifully manicured.

If you’ve always wanted a lawn that looks lush and well-watered but don’t want to, well, water it, then Vista 70 is for you. In addition to the peerless performance you get from the V-shape fiber, Vista 70’s blend of bright green fibers and deep-green thatch make it seem you’ve thumbed your nose at local watering restrictions.

Vista 80 is a top-of-the-line grass that quickly became one of our most popular thanks to its perfect combination of high-performance, high-traffic, matted finish, and tall, straight fibers in a lime bi-color with brown thatch. Being a Vista, it’s not the softest grass we sell but it can take all kinds of punishment and still come out looking amazing.

While all our grasses have been designed with pets in mind, and many are suitable for sports, the Vista Sport/Pet was specifically engineered for sporting applications. This is a highly-durable grass that’s right at home in batting cages, indoor soccer arenas, agility training areas, as a golf fringe or even a dog run. Oh, and did we mention it looks fantastic? Because it does.