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People love our Southwestern Family of grasses. It’s among the finest representations of a southwestern-style lawn you’ll find. Like many who live in the southwestern United States, this grass stands on its own merits. It doesn’t have a lot of special features nor does it require them. It has a job to do, and it’s really good at it. It looks, feels and performs great – a true every-purpose artificial grass.

Southwestern Sod Light is just what is sounds like – Southwestern Sod but toned down a bit so it’s more budget-friendly. A relatively soft grass with low shine, Southwestern Sod Light makes for a breathtaking, water-saving lawn that excels under light traffic.

The yin to Southwestern Sod Light’s yang, Southwestern Sod SPORT is a supremely durable artificial grass that’s excellent as both a landscape grass and a playing surface. This is a very dense grass that gladly takes in stride the rigors of soccer, baseball, golfing and cross-training activities. It just so happens to be a beautiful grass too!