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The grasses that started it all, the PG Family has something for everyone. PG 40 is our most economical grass. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful or functional. It even features our same 10-year warranty. It’s not intended for high-traffic but its Spring-like look will turn heads.

If you’ve ever thought “I wish there was a grass that functions as beautifully as it looks without costing all that much,” then PG 56 is for you! It is designed for the residential homeowner who wants an incredible-looking, durable artificial grass that also is gentle on the wallet! PG 56 has always been a fan favorite.

Yep – we made an even more robust member of the PG Family. The PG 70 is a real standout. Not only do you get the gorgeous look native to the PG Family of grasses, you get an even more durable grass that can take a pounding while still being a supremely affordable option. Anything more than PG 70 and you’re heading into “premium” country. This grass is the best of the base models.

Don’t forget the humble Ground Cover! Our Ground Cover is specifically designed for light traffic applications, hillsides, portable applications, etc. It is an incredible value – it will provide green covering in a brand new product at pricing of used artificial grass. It is designed for the consumer who wants an excellent-looking artificial grass solution that also is gentle on the wallet!