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One of our newest family of grasses is the Spring Fescue Family. We introduced it in 2016 and it is awesome! What makes it so great? Spring Fescue 65 uses a premium, commercial-grade W-shaped yarn. The W-shape, it turns out, has the amazing ability to be both sturdy and soft. It also has great memory so it pops right back into place. It’s bit more expensive than other grasses, but it looks and performs like a champ.

Like its sibling, Spring Fescue 83 features some of the latest and greatest advancements in artificial grass technology. Thanks to its premium, commercial-grade W-shaped yarn, this heartiest of the Spring Fescue family really can’t be beat in terms of look, feel and function. While near the high-end of the cost spectrum, customers choosing Spring Fescue 83 will have themselves some of the finest artificial grass available today.

The latest addition to the Fescue family is our brand new Fescue Supreme! It is one of the tallest, lushest and most durable artificial grass products on the market today. It uses the latest technology in yarn extrusion to produce a very natural looking olive bi-color grass with an olive green and brown thatch.