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Purchase Green’s 360 Family represents the leading-edge of artificial grass technology. It combines the best of all components; delivering industry leading tuft bind, drainage rates, fiber durability and temperature performance. 360 grasses use a C8 copolymer PE fiber – the most mechanically durable fiber available on the market. They also feature PG Cool Yarn technology offering improved temperature performance and are produced with a fully permeable PET (PolyLock, Encore & Total Surface Drainage) backing system.

These are the only grasses on the market that comes with Purchase Green’s 360 rating. The 360 rating means a grass is an all-around exceptional product. To earn a 360 rating a grass must have the following attributes:

PolyLock Technology: delivers proprietary and unique tuft bind technology with the least amount of degradation over the life of the product.

Encore: these grasses can provide encore performances because they are 100% recyclable PE.

Total Surface Drainage: because this secondary backing is attached to the primary backing in a proprietary way, the backing remains fully permeable (unlike traditional PU and SBR coatings).

Cool Yarn: Cool Yarn grasses are capable of producing temperature improvements of 10-20% relative to grasses with the highest heat retention rate.

The 360 Family of grasses are made with a premium Wave-shaped fiber – offering the performance of the Vista with texture improvements (i.e. it is not as stiff!).

This fiber has outstanding memory and, with the proper amount of artificial grass infill to suit your expected foot traffic, it is a highly durable artificial lawn. The grass is made with a delustered, monofilament tall fiber in a spring bicolor (a field green & apple green color blend). 360 grasses come with a green and brown thatch.

Our 360 grasses are designed for superior performance particularly in lawn applications – it offers premier performance in a tall, natural and lush aesthetic.