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Hollow yarn? Yes, hollow yarn! Purchase Green’s hollow yarn featuring PG Cool Yarn technology is found exclusively in our Diamond Cool family of grasses. While right now there’s only one family member, Diamond Cool 50, we’re expecting more grasses to join the family soon.

The Hollow shape combines durability and performance while simultaneously allowing for transpiration of moisture contained in the hollow spine. In many cases the Hollow shape enables temperature improvements of 10-20% relative to grasses with the highest heat-retention rate.

Our Diamond Cool 50 feature a bi-color, 1.6″ tall primary fiber along with a turf green and tan curled fiber. It is designed to withstand 5,000 UV hours (double the industry ASTM standard) – the equivalent of 10 to 20 years depending upon region.

The Hollow yarn is an excellent, high-quality, light-to-medium traffic artificial grass yarn. It is designed for the customer that wants a durable, natural-looking artificial grass lawn that emphasizes affordable, temperature-controlled fibers.

Color: The Hollow yarn is a spring green grass with a green and tan thatch. It also looks beautiful against off-whites or Spanish style stuccos and can bring out some great shades against brick.

Design: No other yarns at Purchase Green feature anything quite like the Hollow yarn. It’s a remarkable feat and the results are plainly obvious – a beautifully cheery green grass that looks real, feels great and stays cool.

Performance: The Hollow yarn likes to aim for the sweet spot. It will handle a medium amount of traffic, it will produce a medium shine and it’s right in the middle on price. It’s also designed to meet double the current industry standard for UV performance.