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The Diamond is one of our favorites. We’ll admit it’s subjective though. It’s one of our favorites because our product development team here at Purchase Green is looking over – and touching – different synthetic grass designs all the time while developing our grasses. The Diamond is the softness yarn we’ve ever put our hands on. And is has such lively colors it was a treat for us to develop a line based on this yarn. Diamond, like Thiolon, is another Tencate fiber. Tencate is known for being one of the best yarn extruders in the world. This is one of the products that helps give them that reputation. Of course there are others. We know because we use a half a dozen yarn extruders. But this yarn, for the reasons stated above, is dear to our little Purchase Green heart.

The Diamond is one of 4 advanced premium yarns (Thiolon/Stem, Vista, S-shape, Diamond). While our customers tend to naturally divide up and choose their favorites, here is some of the feedback we’ve gotten from those that chose Diamond:

Color: We’ve actually got two different Diamond colors: a lime green bi-color and an olive green bi-color. What they both have in common, though, is brilliance. These blades tend toward the brighter side of things. The skinny blades soften the affect. So it’s got a little of the mellow feel, but by being skinny, minimizing the boldness of bright colors. It has a very fresh flower-like tone.

Design: Our Diamond grasses are yet another hybrid (Ah! the benefits of being able to design grasses when they’re fake!). With the skinny nature of a Bahia and Bermuda, but with the full, non-directional look of a Zoysia, grasses with Diamond yarns are relatively easy to seam and don’t demand the same POV positioning as some of the other grasses.

Performance: Performance with the Diamond is a bit of an irony. The Diamond is actually a performance yarn because of the Diamond shape. The widened center of each blade improves performance. But 8800 isn’t a very high denier. Southwestern Sod Sport, for example, which is a stem yarn, has a denier of 11,000. Thiolon yarns are even higher. Part of what makes the Diamond look so great is its skinny, non-directional yarn. So you have grasses when the design of the blade lends itself to performance, but the denier doesn’t. We produce 2 grasses in the Diamond. But each is between 65 oz. and 75 oz. – which is mid-traffic level.