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If you’ve shopped for artificial grass before you may have seen products that use a single sheet of fabric or two pressed sheets of fabric. At Purchase Green you will find our products use our unique process incorporating a triple-layer, woven mesh of fabric. It’s awesome and it means that our primary fabric is thicker, more stable, and lasts longer. That’s a big reason why our lifetime warranty is the best in the industry.

Artificial grass backing systems have two components – a primary backing and a secondary backing. But wait, you might be thinking, you just said you have a triple-layer system! That is true, we use a triple-layer primary backing – the woven mesh system.

Behind that triple-layer primary backing is the secondary backing. The secondary backing is made from either 32 ounces of latex, 26 ounces of polyurethane or 20 ounces of a soy-based extract found in our Eco Line.