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Things to Consider 

The majority of Purchase Green’s grasses are suitable for pets. Some, however, may be a better choice than others depending on your specific needs. First, consider the grass itself.

Grasses that are short and dense, such as the Southwestern Sod Sport or Vista Sport, are very functional and easy to clean. They are an excellent choice for dog kennels, dog runs and dog parks. An item of note, however, is that very short, dense grasses are typically considered less natural looking. If you’re looking to balance function AND performance, a dense, durable 1.5” to 1.6” pile height grass is a great choice – examples include Nature’s Sod, Spring Rye and Southwestern Sod. Stay away from tall fibers and thin, fine fibers (such as Spring Plush Platinum, and Nature’s Sod Plush) – these grasses are the most difficult to clean.

Infill selection for pet areas is critical. Preferred infill types are MellowFill or Zeolite. Both MellowFill and Zeolite help to reduce the ammonia buildup from pet urine. The anti-fungal (Zinc, ZPT, ZOE) protection infused in MellowFill is 99% effective at breaking down the ammonia buildup. Additionally, MellowFill doesn’t hold moisture. Stay away from silica sand infills in pet areas.

Backing systems are what give a grass its strength. At Purchase Green we use a triple-layer primary backing and a secondary backing made of either 32 oz. of latex, 26 oz. of polyurethane, 20 oz of soy-based Eco Cell, or our PET backing system. Our backings are designed to allow for the aggressive drainage of water and pet urine.

Additional Benefits of Synthetic Turf 

Besides artificial grass being a great option for dogs, it also eliminates the need to mow the lawn and is environmentally friendly. Synthetic grass cuts down on emissions from lawn mowers and does not require the use of pesticides or water. Here are a few of the other reasons so many pet owners are switching over to artificial grass:

  • Eliminates maintenance like mowing, re-sodding, landscaping and re-seeding
  • Reduces maintenance expenses
  • Grass surfaces stay cleaner so dog paws don’t track soil, bugs, mud and other germs back into the house
  • Reduces the presence of insects and allergens
  • With artificial grass, you can be assured of a beautiful green grass surface that is a natural fit for your dog’s play and bathroom areas.

Design and Installation

There are the three main stages of installation:

  • Sub-base – drainage, slope and material.
  • Prepared base – perimeter border, gravel and/or grid the artificial grass for dogs will cover.
  • Apply artificial grass – cutting to fit, seaming, and securing.
  • We have a huge portion of our website devoted to teaching how to install artificial grass.
  • We also carry puppy pads and a large selection of pet-related accessories for synthetic turf.