Arizona Pro – Olive


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While Arizona Pro is slightly shorter than its family members, coming in at 1.7 inches tall, it delivers the same attractive blade profile with added Cool Yarn technology. Arizona Pro is a customer-favorite because of its durable construction, premium look, and cost-effective value. Perfect for backyards or front yards with kids and pets, commercial installations, as well as between pavers.

Additional information

Turf Application Type

Landscapes, Pets, Playgrounds

Turf Traffic Type

High, Low, Medium

Turf Color

Olive bicolor with green/tan thatch

Turf Face Weight

61 oz.

Grass Pile Height

1.7 in.

Turf Gauge

3/8 in.

Turf Materials

Polyethylene Fiber, Polypropylene Thatch

Turf Backing

Double layer primary, Polyurethane (PU) secondary

Turf Profile - Shape

Mini W Shape

Turf Profile - Feel


Turf Profile - Sheen


Turf Roll Width

15 ft.

Turf Roll Length

100 ft.

Turf Warranty


Infill Per Sq Ft

1-2 lbs.

Product Special Features

Cool Yarn