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21720 Nordhoff Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

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Locals in Chatsworth Using Purchase Green Artificial Grass for Homes

View artificial grass installation of local projects in Chatsworth, CA using our artificial grass for homes. We provide artificial lawn grass for sale to contractors and homeowners for the following cities surrounding our Purchase Green Artificial Grass Chatsworth store: Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Mission Hills, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Granada Hills, Northridge, Calabasas, Tarzana and Encino.

Recent Purchase Green Artificial Grass Installations in Chatsworth CA

Our Purchase Green Artificial Grass store serves many neighborhoods in Chatsworth. Below you can view some of our recent Artificial Grass Installations in Chatsworth CA:
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Buy Artificial Grass Remnants and Shorts in Chatsworth

Examples only from our Artificial Grass Chatsworth store. Visit our remnants section to see all current deals. Buy cheap artificial grass at steep discounts by purchasing our artificial grass remnants and shorts. Details below.

Southwestern Sod Sport

$29.85 $14.93

1 x 15 (15 Sq.Ft)

$1.00 / Sq.Ft.

Remnant image

Vista Sport/Pet

$31.35 $15.68

1 x 15 (15 Sq.Ft)

$1.05 / Sq.Ft.

Remnant image

Eco Olive 80

$101.70 $50.85

2 x 15 (30 Sq.Ft)

$1.70 / Sq.Ft.

Remnant image
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Artificial Grass Reviews of our Chatsworth Store

Our Purchase Green Artificial Grass Chatsworth store has some of the best artificial grass reviews in the area. View a few of our many great artificial grass reviews taken from our highly rated Yelp page.
“The team at Purchase Green was amazing and so helpful, we decided to do install it ourselves since it was such a small area, and their team explained step by step what we needed to do and answer all the questions we had, and it turned out great! I'm really grateful to them for taking the time to help us."

The G.

Los Angeles, CA

Finding Our Purchase Green Artificial Grass Chatsworth Store Online

For those searching "where can I buy artificial grass" and "artificial grass near me" in the Chatsworth area, Purchase Green makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Below are the commonly used search terms to find our Artificial Grass store online that serves Chatsworth and surrounding cities:
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Purchase Green Artificial Grass shares information on Chatsworth, CA

Chatsworth is a neighborhood in the northwestern San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. The first inhabitants of Chatsworth were Native Americans. Many different Indian tribes lived in California, however, Chatsworth and the San Fernando Valley was inhabited by the Fernandeño and Chumash.

In Chatsworth, the summers are hot, arid, and clear. Over the course of the year the temperature typically varies from 46°F to 90°F. Our Artificial Grass for Lawns can withstand high temperatures in the summer and look great all year round, whether rain or sunshine in Chatsworth.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass of Chatsworth is where to buy artificial grass in the Chatsworth area. We sell high quality and affordable artificial grass & synthetic turf products. Visit our Artificial Grass Chatsworth store or conveniently buy artificial grass online.

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